General Questions

  • What is the Port Authority Alerts Program?

    Port Authority Alerts is a service that allows subscribers to receive electronic notifications of delays service changes and other pertinent information for facilities operated by The Port Authority of NY & NJ. Port Authority Alerts is the collective name of our existing alerting systems: Airport-Info Alerts, Bus Terminal Alerts, Bridge & Tunnel Alerts, PATHAlerts, and Port Alerts.

  • Is there a cost to sign up for Port Authority Alerts?

    Port Authority Alerts is a free service offered by The Port Authority of NY & NJ. charges may be assessed by your Internet service provider or cellular phone carrier.

  • Which devices can receive Port Authority Alerts?

    Port Authority Alerts can send messages to any device that has an e-mail address. This includes desktop computers, cellular phones, smartphones, or other such devices.

  • Can I receive Port Authority Alerts on more than one e-mail address or device?

    Yes. When you subscribe, you can provide up to two e-mail addresses. If you need to list more than two e-mail addresses, you will need to set up an additional subscription.

  • Will my mobile provider charge me to receive Port Authority Alerts?

    This depends on your service provider. Most providers do not charge to receive e-mail on a portable device, and some providers allow a certain number of e-mail messages before incurring charges. Please check with your provider to determine if there are any additional charges.

  • Can I receive Text (SMS) messages instead of e-mail messages?

    If your device is capable of receiving text messages, the providers automatically convert e-mail to text messages. To receive Port Authority Alerts as text messages on your device, you may enter the phone number in the Cell number field on the Subscribe page. Or you may use your text message e-mail address provided by your carrier to sign-up for Port Authority Alerts. Examples of text email addresses for various providers are:

    • Cingular: your10digitnumber@cingularme.com

    • Verizon: your10digitnumber@vtext.com

    • AT&T: your10digitnumber@mmode.com (previously your10digitnumber@mobile.att.net)

    • Nextel: your10digitnumber@messaging.nextel.com

    • T-Mobile: your10digitnumber@tmomail.net

    • Sprint: your10digitnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com

    • SkyTel: your pager PIN or Personal Access Number @skytel.com

      Please check with your provider to obtain the most recent access method and that your cellular phone or PDA is authorized to receive text messages.

  • I am not receiving the Port Authority Alerts.

    Ensure that you signed up with a valid e-mail address(es). Ensure that Port Authority Alerts are not being blocked by your spam filter. Add the e-mail address alerts@paalerts.com to your allow list or list of authorized senders.

    Reasons you may not receive a Port Authority Alert:

    1. Alerts issued outside subscribed time periods – If, for example, you subscribe to receive Port Authority Alerts for the PATH system on the Newark to World Trade Center line weekday mornings, you would not receive any PATHAlerts issued during other times of day during the weekend or on weekends.

    2. Alerts sent while device is unavailable to receive them – While your service provider transmits our alerts at the time we issue them, if your device is unavailable to receive the alert (e.g. turned off, underground in the subway, outside of reception area), you may never receive the “missed” alert, even after your device becomes available receive them.

  • My Port Authority Alerts are being blocked by my spam filter.

    Add the e-mail address alerts@paalerts.com to your allow list or list of authorized senders.

Subscription Questions

  • How do I subscribe to Port Authority Alerts?

    Use the Subscribe page and complete the necessary fields.

  • I subscribed, but I entered the wrong e-mail address. What should I do now?

    Re-subscribe with the correct e-mail address. The incorrect e-mail address will automatically be deleted from the system.

  • I subscribed, but I want to change the days or times. What should I do now?

    To change your subscription information, use the Subscribe page. This will delete your old information and add the new information.

  • When I subscribed, I was advised that I would receive a confirmation e-mail, which I did not receive. What should I do now?

    Use the Manage Account page and select "resend confirmation e-mail". Make sure that your spam filter is not blocking e-mail from alerts@paalerts.com. If you still did not receive the confirmation e-mail, please contact support@paalerts.com.

  • My e-mail address has changed. What can I do to continue to receive Port Authority Alerts?

    Unsubscribe using your old e-mail address and re-subscribe using your new e-mail address.

  • I need help subscribing to Port Authority Alerts.

    Contact support@paalerts.com. Please have available your e-mail address and any error messages you are receiving.

  • How do I unsubscribe from Port Authority Alerts?

    Use the Unsubscribe page. You will receive a conformation e-mail if the process was successful.

  • How do I manage my Port Authority Alerts account?

    Use the Manage Account page.

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